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Eleven tips on how to get the most from online couple therapy from home.

Many couples who are in the middle of their couple therapy find themselves needing to self-isolate or have a couple therapist who has decided to work from home with them doing online therapy instead, due to these unprecedented times with COVID-19.

As I work with couples every day I have created a list of effective implementations that will assist your couple therapist in doing an optimal and effective couple therapy session with you both.

Couple Therapy in the privacy of your home is most effective with the following considerations:

  1. The room you are in is very well lit.

  2. That you are both in the same location.

  3. That you have a good internet connection.

  4. That your sound on your device is clear and audible.

  5. You are both sitting on separate chairs that are equal in her height, preferably swivel chairs.

  6. That there are no interruptions or distractions.

  7. That we limit sessions to two hours as online can cause some fatigue for you rather than being live in the room with your therapist.

  8. That you agree to respond to directives from your therapist particularly when emotions are high. This is very important for the online therapy to be effective and it is best to discuss this with your therapist before you commence.

  9. That no one is recording the sessions under any circumstances.

  10. That your therapist can see you both from your waist up in the camera.

  11. That you have both allowed some time before hand to centre yourself for the session.

I hope you enjoy this new experience which has advantages of needing to do the work with focus and clarity which in my mind as a couple therapist has some significant advantages.

For more tips, daily quotes and information about love, dating, relationships and happiness visit my Facebook page Melissa Ferrari - Psychotherapist & Relationship Expert. Also available is information about couple therapy and how it can help your relationships.


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