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“With Melissa’s help this process has taught me how to stand up for myself in my personal and professional life. It has improved my relationships with my kids. My kids have mentioned I am calmer, more approachable and it’s opened up our lines of communication. My parents say ‘They have their daughter back. My relationship with myself has changed heaps; I learnt it’s ok to be me.”


Psychotherapy Client with Melissa - 49 Years Old

Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy

Available Online 

Counselling improves a person’s capacity to cope with specific life challenges like the end of a relationship, bereavement or anxiety. I can help you navigate a personal crisis and establish future goals.

Psychotherapy effects change to stop destructive habits or patterns. Often, people notice the repetitive nature of their personal challenges. Similar issues arise time and again regardless of context or relationship. I use psychotherapy and self-analysis techniques to guide individual clients towards healthier relationship choices.

If you’re new to counselling, it’s possible you’re experiencing a new set of circumstances or stressors. Issues such as the loss of a loved one, new dating relationships or parenting queries are all valid reasons to reach out.

I have extensive training as a psychotherapist and swear by the process as a self-proclaimed client. As a matter of fact, this dual perspective helps me understand my clients’ bravery in pursuing this process. I strongly believe exploring the unconscious paves the way for healthy change. Let me help you discover all aspects of self through tested techniques and integration.

It may surprise you that I value psychotherapy as a client and provider. In fact, this dual perspective helps me appreciate my clients’ bravery in asking for help and beginning the healing journey. My Relational Psychotherapy training in Transactional Analysis and Psychodynamic approaches help my clients establish stronger personal and interpersonal connections.

Appointment Cancellations


Please understand that appointment times are limited. If you must cancel your appointment, we respectfully request 48 hours notice. Payment of $210 (50 mins) will be taken on confirmation of your booking. This payment is non-refundable.

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​I offer Sydney individual and couples counselling in a variety of appointment types. Here are some of the issues I treat:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Addiction

  • Separation and divorce

  • Grief and loss

  • Life transitions

  • Parenting

  • Obsessive-compulsive behaviours

  • Childhood trauma in adulthood

  • Problems dealing with family members

  • Dating

  • Coaching

  • Stress

  • Infidelity

  • Sex and intimacy

  • Personality disorders


I can help you become more self-aware and modify long-term behavioural patterns. These changes are often beneficial to client relationships, well-being and employment.

Example Session


Emily* scheduled an appointment after a particularly rough breakup. She’d discovered her boyfriend of a year had been unfaithful and struggled to move past the betrayal. As a result, she was somewhat hesitant when dating and unsure how to move past it.


Emily felt further conflicted about dating during the pandemic because of added distance and anonymity. She’d used dating apps before, though now she felt distant and unsure online. Emily was able to identify her own feelings of disappointment without knowing how to fix them. We determined a plan of action over the course of several sessions.


My client was clearly upset about infidelity in her relationship and left feeling stuck. I decided to work with her on unconscious issues in search of earlier relationship patterns. Emily’s betrayal wound was rooted in childhood trauma she hadn’t completely processed. After identifying her core issue and developing coping strategies, she felt more at ease on the dating scene and confident in herself. In this case, we used emotional patterning and behavioural techniques to resolve her emotional conflict.


*Client name has been changed for privacy reasons


In-person & online: $210.00 per 50-minute session

Stressed Woman
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