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melissa ferrari

In person and online Counselling & Psychotherapy for couples and individuals - clients accepted from anywhere in the world. (Exc. U.S.) 

“What I believe in is very simple. Most of us do better in healthy secure relationships. Part of my job is to help you find your way there.”


- Melissa Ferrari (PACFA Registered & AARC Registered)

Hi! My name is Melissa Ferrari and I’m dedicated to helping individuals and couples make savvy relationship choices. Through my training as a counsellor and psychotherapist in Sydney, I use various modalities to establish emotional abundance. I’m especially keen on and specialise in the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT) and exploring the unconscious mind. Clients can expect targeted, intensive sessions with practical, personalised feedback from the best couples therapist in Australia.

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As one of Sydney’s esteemed psychotherapists, I help individuals and couples hone smart strategies for improved relationship quality. Clients seek my counsel for assistance with grief, anxiety or relationship discord and leave with a renewed sense of self. I offer expert guidance based on objective insight and integrative behavioural techniques. If you’re in need of psychotherapy in Sydney, I encourage you to learn more about my skilled approach.


If you’re considering counselling in Penrith, knowing your needs is often the first step. My clients know me as a relationship counsellor in Sydney, including my work as a marriage counsellor in Sydney as well. Whether you’re interested in individual psychotherapy, couple’s therapy in Sydney online from anywhere in the world, I’ve got just the thing.

You may know me as a marriage therapist in Australia offering intensive weekend sessions for couples beyond individual appointments. Some spouses prefer the traditional route of ongoing in-office sessions, while others seek relationship rehab from marriage counsellors in Sydney. I’m pleased to offer Sydney marriage counselling for couples in need of relationship assistance. Couples interested in fast-tracking their feedback might consider a three-day relationship counselling Sydney retreat also known as a couple marathon.

As a Sydney marriage counsellor, attachment and patterns steer my strategy. My practice among the best marriage counselling in Sydney is guided by PACT training and unconscious relationship dynamics. I offer online marriage counselling in Sydney for your convenience from anywhere in the world.

If you’re still on the fence about Sydney relationship counselling, remember that love and marriage are worthy investments. I’m fortunate to have assisted thousands of couples in Australia as a relationship psychotherapist in Sydney and welcome many more. Check out some of my marriage counselling Sydney reviews or client testimonials to reach your own conclusion.

Last but not least, know my team is at your service. Current and prospective clients are encouraged to call, email or submit an online form for questions or comments. I welcome any relationship queries you may have and look forward to your visit!

Yours in Wellness,

Melissa Ferrari

Couple Counselling 

Many of my clients seek my assistance for long-term or intensive couple counselling in Sydney. Are you and your spouse struggling with infidelity, adjusting to parenting or reinvesting in romance? If so, you’ll be happy to hear I specialise in couples therapy in Sydney for real-world solutions. Let me help you reframe and reflect on a deeper sense of partnership.

Are you curious about couples counselling in Sydney but unsure who to choose? I consider myself a welcoming couples therapist with clients from all walks of life. The core of my work as a relationship therapist in Sydney pertains to partners’ dynamics and emotional needs. Discover how couples therapy in Sydney can strengthen your romantic relationship.

Do you have cold feet about couples counselling in Sydney? Relationship counselling may seem daunting, though you’re not alone. I’m proud to offer the best couples therapy in Australia to help couples learn sustainable relationship strategies. My objective in relationship therapy in Sydney is to boost your love for a stronger emotional connection.

Marriage Counselling

The Final Word


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Do you and your partner keep fighting, often over the same issues? Is the lack of passion and intimacy a constant reminder of how far you have drifted apart? Do you feel lonely in your relationship? Do you suffer anxiety, depression or just not get excited about simple things in life anymore?


Couples Counselling can help you reignite love and passion, and teach you tools so you and your partner are better prepared for problems that may arise. Individual psychotherapy or counselling can help you get more excited about your life again.  

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In the Media

Melissa is one of Australia’s most sought-after therapists and is regularly called upon as a relationship expert in national media.
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